Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let It Snow

Yes it is snowing up here.. We had about a foot on Friday and might get another foot today. I like it . It will be a very white Christmas. Well shopping almost done, some wrapping done, house decoated, baking and cooking started . With me having bronchitis and a sinus infection I am doing good.

If I don't get back to this before. EVERYONE MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR> REMEBER the REASON for the SEASON, Jesus Christ and Our Fathers LOVE>

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home Again

You may ask Where have you been???? I was in sunny Florida for 10 days. John is working on a store near Fort Lauderdale so I went to visit. All I have to say is warm breezes, full moon on the ocean. walks on the beach, sun tan, swaying palm trees, and strawberry dacguires oh yes and Nascar Ford Fest at the Hardrock Casino and resort. Need I say more.!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

life on the mountain

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Prayer Request

I am sending out a prayer request for a friend of mine. Her and her family need a divine intervention. Please remember this... Thank You.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Here is an Update

My second picking went very while. My dad came with us and had a good time. I did only one bushel with eggplant and sweet Italian peppers. They have been in the freezer. My dad bought a very large bag of fresh picked corn. Must of the 52 ears are now in the freezer still in their husks but without the silks. I have cooked some yesterday and they were very good.

We also have our pig in the freezer. Someone we know raises them and knew we wanted one. We now have over 200 lbs. of fresh corn fed pork squerriled away. The ham will be ready in a few weeks.

J.P. and a friend have started cutting and splitting our firewood. We should have close to 10 cords ready by winter. We should only need 4-6 depending on the weather. We are also looking into a large genertor. One that goes on automaticly when the power goes out. With John not always home and my dad here we think it is a good idea.

The color of the trees around here are really beautiful, yet I know we have alot to go. Lots of trees are still very green. I love the fall. I want to start cooking and baking again. I know everyone in the house will be happy about that. I am excited to start thinking about the holidays and amking plans but I am in rush.

John will be home in a few days. He will be here for a couple of weeks. He has things he wants to do and just be home, with the wood stove burning and the smell of a fresh apple pie. I better go apple picking soon.!!

Well that is it for now. Jonathan and Damien are growing and doing well in !st grade. Lael, Alyssa and Lauren are beautiful of course . Alyssa is officially in Friday school and very excited. Jackie will be teaching her class. I am very pride of her, she will do great. JP finally decided to get a job. He was without a job all summer and was on his boat most of the summer. But reality came into the picture and money running out. So he is working again. Thank you Lord.....

I am very thankful for my family, my friends and everything I have. At times I feel so not worthy of all the blessing I have everyday. I know my God loves me and loves all of you too. Praise you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


I was not ready to post that . I did not do spell check as you most know . I will let you know how Saturday goes with picking.

Have a good Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting Ready

I feel like it has been a while since I updated my blog. I have been very busy the past couple of weeks.
I went , with a friend, picking at Hand Melon Farm.I will not plant a garden again, not as long as Hand Melon Farm lets you pick. They charge $15.00 a bushel, $2.00 for the bushel, and you fill it up over flowing. I got two bushels, one all tomatoes the other eggplant and red and green peppers. With the tomatoes from the garden I frosze 8 gallon bags of tomatoe sauce , 4 quart bags of diced. I still have maore in my garden and a bowl full now on my counter.I am making spaghetti sauce tomorrow and freezing it. I have 3 gallon bags of breaded and fried eggplasnt slices, 3qt. pepper slices and a gallon diced pepper. That is just a real good start, we have a pig on order froma friend who raises them. On top of that we are going back to Hand Melon farm Saturday, weather permiotting.
I am very excited also cause we found someone to cut and slpit our wood. I think he will start in about 2 weeks . We have about a cord int the shed now.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Future clowns

A few weeks ago , the spent the night here and I took them shopping. They wanted to models some the clothes they got. They are a piece of work.

summer fun

Last weekend Jackie, Josh and my girls were here for a few days. We did nothung big but had alot of fun. We did the went a a local rv resort for the day , Alpine Lake, has a great time swimming and fishuing. BBQ and bon fire at home that night. Next day we did Lake George, the girls love it there. Just relaxing and fun, perfect vacation.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I am home alone again. John left for Rochester this morning. He will be gone only about 2 weeks then he will be home for a week before going back to Buffalo or maybe New Jersey. You just don't know until the last minute.
I am watching the boys this morning. they are playing and are no problem. Jonny plays outside and Damien in the house. Their grandma will pick them up around 2pm, that gives me time to get ready for work.
Everything else is good. My garden is doing great . I have so so many tomatoes, eggplant flowers(hope I get good size eggplant) and green peppers. We have been picking the green beans and eating them already.
well I am being summoned outside to play baseball. Have a good day.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

a Vacation

For the July 4th weekend I took a train to Niagara Falls. John I s working at a outlet mall 10 mins from the falls. It was a great time.

Thursday I arrived and that night we went to the Seneca Casino to play and see the fireworks. John was told they were the best show around. Well the fireworks show was the longest and the best I have seen in a long time. The casino was right out of the tv show Las Vegas. I was very impressed.

Friday we spent the whole day at the falls 12 noon to 7pm. We had a great time there. The lines were so long so long we did not the call tour so we planned on going back Sunday.

Saturday we drove on the Seaway Trail rt 18, not the whole distance but a few hours worth. We stopped at road side stands and antique stores. I found the bowl I have been looking for.I have this thing for bowls, not glass.

Sunday we rested , bbqed and watched very very large rvs move into the park. We never made it back to the falls.

I came back on Tuesday and back to work Wednesday.

Back to daily routine.


Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Fun

What a great weekend I had. I watched my girls Friday ,Saturday and Josh and Jackie came home on Sunday. I know the girls will agree we had fun. We did some shopping, went to Heritage Park, played in the yard, played in the house and did more shopping.

Lael was a great help, with Lauren and cooking and cleaning up. Alyssa helped clean up and had fun , Lauren just had fun. She slept good, my biggest concern, and smiled and laughed. She is a real cutie!!!!!!!!

Sunday we enjoyed a bbq by Josh before I Had to leave. That was very , very good. I wish we lived closer so we could enjoy more time like this.

Here are some photos.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Fun

They have so much fun when they get together. By they end of the day they are dirty, hunger and ready for more. Yes papa did take her for a ride and she loved it.

They made It! !!!!

They graduated Kindergarten. They are off for the summer. Today they are boating with their dad and having a bbq or the beach of a friend. Summer has begun!

Monday, June 16, 2008


My friend Kathy got me to go strawberry picking with her. I loved it!! You do not realise how many you have picked I got over 20 lbs. Then for the first time I made strawberry Jam with Kathy's help. It is very good, I have 18 jars of jam, 12 quart bags stuffed in my freezer. In July we are picking blue berries. I can't wait for that. Blueberry is John's favorite pie.

Yesterday, was very nice. My dad and I went to Pine Knolls church and to my surprise Isaiah6 was there. He was very good, my dad even enjoyed it. Later we relaxed with a boat ride on JP's boat and then a trip to the racino. He just loves to go there.I have lost my d
esire to loss my money, so I walk around with him. He usually wins but this time he lost.

It is not raining yet so I am headed outside to do some rock work and later go to work. Everyone have a great day.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Winter is just around the corner

That is how I am thinking. I am already stocking up on food, dry goods and cans. John and JP got our chest freezer into the house this past weekend. I am very excited about that. I went to Price Rite and Price Chopper and stocked up on meat that was on sale. I figure on doing that whenever there is a good sale. We are also looking to get a half or whole cow depending on size and split it with Jackie and Josh. Also maybe 2 pigs in the fall. I am not an alarmist but this winter is going to be hard. I want to be prepared. For heat we have alot of log length hard wood , about ten cords, we have to split and put into the wood shed. This is the first time I ever prepared like this.

Other then that everything is going good. John is in Buffalo, NY. He will be there for 6-8 weeks doing a Stride-Rite store. I hope to get out there some time in the next few weeks.

We have no big plans this summer. We would like to get our side deck down. It will be 30'x12', nice size. I can't wait. Then in Sept. we are planning to go camping with Jackie and Josh and girls of course. It is still in the planning stage. We have to see where John will be. We all hope it works out. In a couple of weeks I will be up in Canton watching the girls for the weekend. Jackie and Josh are taking a well needed vacation alone. I can"t wait. I love the idea of having them all to myself. Hello stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well it is starting to cool off I want clean the kitchen and relax. Hope you are too.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Well it is spring. Jonathan has joined T-Ball, he is knelling down. Damien has no interest in sports. But they are both growing.

I planted a vegetable garden for the first time in 5 years. I am very excited about that. I planned on freezing all I can, tomatoes, eggplant , green beans, so far . I have room for more. I have to decide what to plant.

Last year this yard was a construction mess. So now we are cleaning up and finding grass and flowers. I started on the rock garden and am real happy with it. John and I worked on the back this passed weekend. I planted alot of flowers and 2 very large baskets of flowers and it is starting to look good also. This will take us a while, but we both like doing it.

John also found time to make this table. It is made of oak from a tree that was dropped in our back yard. I love it!!!!! He is so talented when it comes to wood.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More water

This past wekend found me with my girls on the shore of Fire Island at Smiths Point. This our favorite spot for camping when we lived on Long Island, we camped on the beach alot, this time in the camp ground.
The girls have near seen the ocean and enjoyed themselves very much. There were many memories ther for us and Jackie. I only wish the weather was better.
Saturday we went to a wedding, Johns niece Kelly. That was very nice and our last wedding down there. It was quite a task all of us getting ready 3 adults and 3 little girls in an rv, but we did do it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

And fun it was. Today I took Damien and Jonathan to Great Escape Lodge on day passes. We had a blast as you can see by these pics. We were there for 5 hours and water at all times. The water was getting cool as evening came so we left. Damiens lips were blue and I still had to stand my ground that it was time. they were having so much fun... And so was I. I love the lazy river, but it was not as lazy as I like with 2 boys to watch.

One of the pics shows Jonny looking up at his brother looking down and ready to dump the big orange bucket of water on his head. They did that for quite a while. They even played in the kiddie pool for a time ever section has slides, big and small, straight and curvy they went on them all except the really large tubes. They would have needed me for one and I don't do big black tubes!

Now after pizza,two movies, The water horse and Underdog they are asleep . I am ready also What a day...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Happy week end

Yes it was a very Happy Week End. . It was John's birthday last Tuesday and mine Saturday. So to celebrate I drove to NJ. that was feat in itself but I did it. On Saturday he surprised me with a room in a very nice downtown hotel and dinner in a small restaurant in Little Italy, that is downtown Manhattan, my very favorite city.
we had a great time. Even some shopping on Canal Street. Lots of bargains there. It is a week end I will not forget. Monday morning found me driving home in time to change and go to work, then get stuck at the hospital with one of our clients till 1:00 am. Back to realty....

Monday, March 24, 2008

I for got this picture

It started on Thursday coloring easter eggs then 24 hrs. later doing it again with the girls. Saturday a first birthday for Lauren. Sunday Easter. I had a great weekend.Now I am home everything back to normal.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Reputal

WOW I have never so many commemts before and just because I got a new car. I did look at Fords but I have wanted a Murano for a while ,I just love the style . We are still a Ford family at heart, we just adopted out of our kind.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

something new

I feel I have have been very blessed with my new house and now this. I was able to purchase a new car. It is one I have been eyeing since it first came out. I know it has been said my daughter is spoiled, now you know she is just like her mother cause I am spoiled..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time Flys

It is amost March and spring is in site, This has been very icy,I would rather have snow. I still have snow on the ground but it is covered with inches of ice. Thia makes going up and down my drive very tricky at times. This spring we will fix the driveway again. That was one thing we did not do after the house was built.
Other than that things have been normal. John is now in New Jersey managing the construction of a jewelry store, Ross Simons. I never heard of them,very upper class. That's probably why I never heard of them. He will be gone 8 weeks. I miss him.
The twins are over every week. they are getting so big. Both are doing very good in school and really like going. I hope that stays with them.
J.P. and his new girlfriend, who we love, just got a 2 bedroom in town. I am so happy for him. She is so nice and great with the boys. Thay like her also.
Jackie, Josh and the girls are doing great. Josh took a big step up with a new company. We are very happy for him. The girls are growing too. Lauren will be a year old in a few weeks . Boy time sure does fly. Lael is playing basketball again. This year she is on an all girl team.Alyssa is still the little sweetie, just don't upset her.
I am fine, still working, taking care of my dad and loving my new house. there are curtains up in all rooms but the living room. I don't know what I am doing there yet. Guest came out great, with a full size futon and bunk beds. It works good for company. That reminds me with JP moving out of the little house, jackie and Josh want to help finish it and use for a vacation place. It has 2 small bedrooms a tiny kitchen aand bath but a nice living room. With some work and a deck off the sliders it will a nice retreat and soo close. I do look forward to that.
Well that it for now.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year to Everyone.!!! We did not make it to see the ball come down but it is 2008 anyway. It was a guiet day just plowing snow and watching tv. I got from my great husband a DVDirect. It puts all your pics and camvideos on dvds. I am missing the cord for my camcorder but will get one this week and start burning. I can't wait to have everything on dvds instead of the tapes.

Happy New Year again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!