Monday, July 28, 2008


I am home alone again. John left for Rochester this morning. He will be gone only about 2 weeks then he will be home for a week before going back to Buffalo or maybe New Jersey. You just don't know until the last minute.
I am watching the boys this morning. they are playing and are no problem. Jonny plays outside and Damien in the house. Their grandma will pick them up around 2pm, that gives me time to get ready for work.
Everything else is good. My garden is doing great . I have so so many tomatoes, eggplant flowers(hope I get good size eggplant) and green peppers. We have been picking the green beans and eating them already.
well I am being summoned outside to play baseball. Have a good day.


Linda said...

Wow, your garden sounds very productive. Jackie's is fantastic, eh? Pumpkins, Papa and Matt planted are going great as are the tomatoes. The only peppers we have gotten so far are hot banana peppers :-( The girls are coming down for Matt's birthday on Sat. I am sooo excited; you get to see them soon too though.