Monday, July 28, 2008


I am home alone again. John left for Rochester this morning. He will be gone only about 2 weeks then he will be home for a week before going back to Buffalo or maybe New Jersey. You just don't know until the last minute.
I am watching the boys this morning. they are playing and are no problem. Jonny plays outside and Damien in the house. Their grandma will pick them up around 2pm, that gives me time to get ready for work.
Everything else is good. My garden is doing great . I have so so many tomatoes, eggplant flowers(hope I get good size eggplant) and green peppers. We have been picking the green beans and eating them already.
well I am being summoned outside to play baseball. Have a good day.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

a Vacation

For the July 4th weekend I took a train to Niagara Falls. John I s working at a outlet mall 10 mins from the falls. It was a great time.

Thursday I arrived and that night we went to the Seneca Casino to play and see the fireworks. John was told they were the best show around. Well the fireworks show was the longest and the best I have seen in a long time. The casino was right out of the tv show Las Vegas. I was very impressed.

Friday we spent the whole day at the falls 12 noon to 7pm. We had a great time there. The lines were so long so long we did not the call tour so we planned on going back Sunday.

Saturday we drove on the Seaway Trail rt 18, not the whole distance but a few hours worth. We stopped at road side stands and antique stores. I found the bowl I have been looking for.I have this thing for bowls, not glass.

Sunday we rested , bbqed and watched very very large rvs move into the park. We never made it back to the falls.

I came back on Tuesday and back to work Wednesday.

Back to daily routine.