Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time Flys

It is amost March and spring is in site, This has been very icy,I would rather have snow. I still have snow on the ground but it is covered with inches of ice. Thia makes going up and down my drive very tricky at times. This spring we will fix the driveway again. That was one thing we did not do after the house was built.
Other than that things have been normal. John is now in New Jersey managing the construction of a jewelry store, Ross Simons. I never heard of them,very upper class. That's probably why I never heard of them. He will be gone 8 weeks. I miss him.
The twins are over every week. they are getting so big. Both are doing very good in school and really like going. I hope that stays with them.
J.P. and his new girlfriend, who we love, just got a 2 bedroom in town. I am so happy for him. She is so nice and great with the boys. Thay like her also.
Jackie, Josh and the girls are doing great. Josh took a big step up with a new company. We are very happy for him. The girls are growing too. Lauren will be a year old in a few weeks . Boy time sure does fly. Lael is playing basketball again. This year she is on an all girl team.Alyssa is still the little sweetie, just don't upset her.
I am fine, still working, taking care of my dad and loving my new house. there are curtains up in all rooms but the living room. I don't know what I am doing there yet. Guest came out great, with a full size futon and bunk beds. It works good for company. That reminds me with JP moving out of the little house, jackie and Josh want to help finish it and use for a vacation place. It has 2 small bedrooms a tiny kitchen aand bath but a nice living room. With some work and a deck off the sliders it will a nice retreat and soo close. I do look forward to that.
Well that it for now.


Linda said...

Glad to hear things are going so well for you. WOW, a vacation home for J&J and the girls. Great for them and even better for you. It is very hard not to see the girls as often as we would like to don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a little vacation place? Is that open for rent to close friends of Jackie too? ;)

I'm happy to hear you are loving your new home so much.