Monday, June 16, 2008


My friend Kathy got me to go strawberry picking with her. I loved it!! You do not realise how many you have picked I got over 20 lbs. Then for the first time I made strawberry Jam with Kathy's help. It is very good, I have 18 jars of jam, 12 quart bags stuffed in my freezer. In July we are picking blue berries. I can't wait for that. Blueberry is John's favorite pie.

Yesterday, was very nice. My dad and I went to Pine Knolls church and to my surprise Isaiah6 was there. He was very good, my dad even enjoyed it. Later we relaxed with a boat ride on JP's boat and then a trip to the racino. He just loves to go there.I have lost my d
esire to loss my money, so I walk around with him. He usually wins but this time he lost.

It is not raining yet so I am headed outside to do some rock work and later go to work. Everyone have a great day.


Linda said...

Wow 20# of strawberries! I have never made jam before either. There are few you pick fruit places up near Canton and I am sure there must be some down here, I just don't know where they are. Maybe on the north side ?????

Candy Duell said...

Good picking Terry, MC and I were going to go, but I think we missed the boat. We are going to go blueberry picking also.