Monday, June 09, 2008

Winter is just around the corner

That is how I am thinking. I am already stocking up on food, dry goods and cans. John and JP got our chest freezer into the house this past weekend. I am very excited about that. I went to Price Rite and Price Chopper and stocked up on meat that was on sale. I figure on doing that whenever there is a good sale. We are also looking to get a half or whole cow depending on size and split it with Jackie and Josh. Also maybe 2 pigs in the fall. I am not an alarmist but this winter is going to be hard. I want to be prepared. For heat we have alot of log length hard wood , about ten cords, we have to split and put into the wood shed. This is the first time I ever prepared like this.

Other then that everything is going good. John is in Buffalo, NY. He will be there for 6-8 weeks doing a Stride-Rite store. I hope to get out there some time in the next few weeks.

We have no big plans this summer. We would like to get our side deck down. It will be 30'x12', nice size. I can't wait. Then in Sept. we are planning to go camping with Jackie and Josh and girls of course. It is still in the planning stage. We have to see where John will be. We all hope it works out. In a couple of weeks I will be up in Canton watching the girls for the weekend. Jackie and Josh are taking a well needed vacation alone. I can"t wait. I love the idea of having them all to myself. Hello stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well it is starting to cool off I want clean the kitchen and relax. Hope you are too.