Sunday, October 05, 2008

Here is an Update

My second picking went very while. My dad came with us and had a good time. I did only one bushel with eggplant and sweet Italian peppers. They have been in the freezer. My dad bought a very large bag of fresh picked corn. Must of the 52 ears are now in the freezer still in their husks but without the silks. I have cooked some yesterday and they were very good.

We also have our pig in the freezer. Someone we know raises them and knew we wanted one. We now have over 200 lbs. of fresh corn fed pork squerriled away. The ham will be ready in a few weeks.

J.P. and a friend have started cutting and splitting our firewood. We should have close to 10 cords ready by winter. We should only need 4-6 depending on the weather. We are also looking into a large genertor. One that goes on automaticly when the power goes out. With John not always home and my dad here we think it is a good idea.

The color of the trees around here are really beautiful, yet I know we have alot to go. Lots of trees are still very green. I love the fall. I want to start cooking and baking again. I know everyone in the house will be happy about that. I am excited to start thinking about the holidays and amking plans but I am in rush.

John will be home in a few days. He will be here for a couple of weeks. He has things he wants to do and just be home, with the wood stove burning and the smell of a fresh apple pie. I better go apple picking soon.!!

Well that is it for now. Jonathan and Damien are growing and doing well in !st grade. Lael, Alyssa and Lauren are beautiful of course . Alyssa is officially in Friday school and very excited. Jackie will be teaching her class. I am very pride of her, she will do great. JP finally decided to get a job. He was without a job all summer and was on his boat most of the summer. But reality came into the picture and money running out. So he is working again. Thank you Lord.....

I am very thankful for my family, my friends and everything I have. At times I feel so not worthy of all the blessing I have everyday. I know my God loves me and loves all of you too. Praise you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!