Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Update

Well they say it is spring but we had snow the other day. On the other hand my lilacs have buds and hostas are pushing up. That is a good sign.

I have been very busy. I am always doing something with the house with my dad and working. I am hoping to straight on the back yard next week. I will enjoy it since John leveled it last fall.

My grand kids are great. I will See the boys in a few hours. I have their Easter stuff all ready. Last weekend I went to see the girls and brought their Easter stuff. I am very thankful that beside Easter goodies they all know the true reason for Easter. That makes the holiday more meaningful for me cause they are our future generation.

My dad is good. He goes to an adult day program three days a week, He just started but seems to like it. They do more than the senior center in town. I am planning a surprise 80Th birthday party for him in August. His birthday is in January but I figured this would be easier for everyone to come and so far they are, It will be fun\.

John is working on Long Island for a few weeks. I will be going down in a couple of weeks, We both still have family down there.

Well that is it. I am doing laundry and am getting a bit hunger, plus I have to cook dinner for my dad before I go to work.

Everyone have a Blessed Easter.


Linda said...

Glad to see you updated. I was hoping you might tell us about your visit to see the girls. No pictures? Good to hear your father is doing well and enjoys his new program. Enjoy LI, and have a Blessed Easter. Linda

Anonymous said...

Hope your Easter was great! Thanks for the update - glad to hear that your father is well.