Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Happy week end

Yes it was a very Happy Week End. . It was John's birthday last Tuesday and mine Saturday. So to celebrate I drove to NJ. that was feat in itself but I did it. On Saturday he surprised me with a room in a very nice downtown hotel and dinner in a small restaurant in Little Italy, that is downtown Manhattan, my very favorite city.
we had a great time. Even some shopping on Canal Street. Lots of bargains there. It is a week end I will not forget. Monday morning found me driving home in time to change and go to work, then get stuck at the hospital with one of our clients till 1:00 am. Back to realty....


Dawn Mattice said...

Happy belated birthday to both of you! Your husband seems like a great romantic who loves to spoil you. :) This is a post that my husband will surely be reading for inspiration (though ours will have to be scaled down to our teeny tiny budget....LOL).